Account FAQs

What is a Springboard Account?

It is an account (a username and/or email address with a password) that allows you to login. When you login you get access to content on the website that can only be seen if you have an account.

How do I create one?

If you haven’t got an account, creating is simple.

Click the ‘Login’ link in the main menu, and then select the ‘Register’ link at the bottom of the login box.

Enter you information and you will be sent an email that contains a link to activate your new account.

What does an account give me?

When you login with your username / email and password, a new section called ‘Your Account’ will appear in the main menu.

Select the ‘Your Account’ link to gain access to:

  • Viewing all your donations and the associated information – also you can get in touch with us about any donation more quickly and easily
  • Review all of your store orders
  • Update your details, reset your password and set extra security
  • Update your preferences for communication from us or our projects
  • Review all your Gift Aid information
  • Review all of the GoCardless information we hold for you
  • Generate a PDF download as a receipt for any of your donations
  • Set up text reminders for any of our events
Forgot your password?

Go to the ‘Login’ link in the main menu. In the login box, select the ‘Forgot Password’ link at the bottom.

Your password will then be reset, and you will receive an email with a link in it. Select the link, and then enter a new password.

NOTE: No-one from Springboard or any of our projects will ever ask you for your password. Please get in touch if you do receive any emails asking you for your password.