Authentication Codes

Authentication Codes are used in the ‘Donate’ section of the site. They are designed to give some extra security to the donation process.

They are required when you donate without having a Springboard account (i.e. you are not logged in) – this is to prevent someone else from using your information.

You will be required to set them up the first time you donate if you are not logged in.

If you do have a Springboard account, you can use the codes as well if you wish by setting up the option in the ‘Your Account’ section of the site (you must be logged in to see this).

When you donate, and if the codes are required, they can be sent either by email or text with a mobile number. Once the codes are sent, they must be used within 30 minutes. Using them is simple – the codes are sent automatically and you just enter the 2 codes (both have 4 digits and make sure you enter any zeros).