Donating With GoCardless

Direct Debit

Any donation given using GoCardless is processed under the Direct Debit scheme. This means that all payments (whether one-off donations or regular monthly donations) are guaranteed under the Direct Debit scheme.

Monthly Donations

If you set up a regular payment to give a donation each month, then you choose the date that this payment is processed each month (for example, you can choose to give £10 each month on the 9th of each month). All of the payments are processed on, or as near as possible to, that date.


Under the Direct Debit scheme, you will be notified by email before any money is taken from your account.

Important: Springboard will never contact you (by phone, email etc.) to ask you for bank details or credit / debit card details – you should only enter these into the screens when prompted.

A Quick Glossary


Here’s a summary of the terms involved in donating with GoCardless:

  • Customer. When you first donate using GoCardless you will be set up as a customer with them. This is done so that we can process any payments after your first one without you having to enter the same information again.
  • Mandate. This is the term used to describe the authorisation you give for money to be taken out of your bank account. All mandates are set up using the Direct Debit guarantee.
  • Subscription. A subscription is the paying of a set amount of money each month (a monthly donation).
  • Payment. A transaction that takes money from your bank account and gives it to the project you’ve donated to.

Step-by-step Guide

Step One - Login

If you have a Springboard account, you should login by selecting the link in the main menu at the top of the screen. The menu is displayed along the screen at the top if you are using a larger screen, or it can be found on mobile devices by selecting the icon in the top-left with three white bars.

You do not have to have an account to donate, and there is an option that allows you to create an account if you wish.

Step Two - Choose Your Project

Go to the Donation section of the website (select the ‘Donate’ option from the main menu).

There, you will see a list of projects that you can donate to. Find the project you want to donate to, and select the ‘Donate’ button in the box for that project.

Step Three - Contact Details

You will next see a screen that will either:

  • confirm your email address if you are logged in, or
  • ask you to enter your email address if you are not logged in

If you are not logged in, you need to make sure you keep the emails you are sent in case you have any queries later on. If you do not have an account, you can select the option to create one – your account will be created and you will be able to carry on with your donation straight away.

If you are not logged in, you will then have the option to enter more contact details (all these details are optional, but may help if we need to contact you about your donation).

Please note that we will not share any details you provide, and no aspect of your donation is shared with anyone outside of Springboard and the project you donate to.

Step Four - One-off or monthly

The next screen allows you to choose either:

  • a ‘one-off’ donation (if you want to give a donation just the once)
  • a ‘monthly’ donation (if you want to give the same amount each and every month until you cancel the Direct Debit)

Step Five - Payment Method

Select the option to pay using a Direct Debit with GoCardless by selecting the ‘Pay with GoCardless’ button.

Step Six - Payment Amount

Enter the amount you to give. If you are setting up a monthly donation, you also need to enter the day of the month you want (for example, enter 5 to donate on, or near to, the 5th of each month).

Step Seven - Bank Authorisation

If you have not used GoCardless before, you need to set up a ‘mandate’. This gives GoCardless permission to set up the payment and take the money out of your account.

You enter the necessary details into the screen (including your bank sort code and account number). Please note that Springboard does not hold these details – they are held by GoCardless. You will receive an email informing you of the mandate you set up.

Step Eight - Finished!

You will receive an email from Springboard to confirm your donation, as well as email(s) from GoCardless to inform you of any Direct Debit instructions or payments.

If you were logged in when you made the donation, you can see details in the ‘Your Account’ section of the website.