Donation Fees

When you donate to a project using Springboard Chester, we have to pay to process the donation. We believe in being as transparent as possible with you about what fees are charged.

We use two other companies to process a donation, and here are the details about the fees.


For charities Paypal charge us 1.4% plus 20p for each donation. For other organisations (not charities) Paypal charge 3.4% plus 20p for each donation.

So, if you donate £10 to a project that is a charity, then Paypal will charge us 34p and the project receives £9.66.


GoCardless charge us 1% for each donation (this means 1% for each month’s payment if you make a monthly donation). The minimum fee is 20p and the maximum fee is £2.

So, if you donate £20 to a project, then GoCardless will charge us 20p and the project receives £19.80.


Springboard does not receive any money when you donate to other projects – all the money that is left after the processing fees are taken out goes to the project you donate to.