Any Size

small car

Starting Small?

We can help with supporting your group by providing resources that help you focus on your idea. For supported projects, we can provide things like:

  • A bank account (we can provide a ringfenced fund in our bank account)
  • Use of our online shop to sell items to raise money
  • Publicity (discounts on printing, use of our website to advertise events and sell tickets)
  • A basic website for a cheap price
  • Help with covering legal aspects of running activities (like safeguarding and processing DBS checks)

Looking to Grow?

We can help develop and grow your idea. You can start small by using our resources and then look to develop capabilities as your idea grows.

Big Idea?

If you’ve got a desire to jump straight in, we can help setup Community Interest Companies or charities.

We can help with paperwork (like registering a company or charity), putting in place corporate governance, and things like policies and procedures.