Springboard supported projects can receive donations using our online platform. Here’s how it works:


1. Donation Options

Anyone can donate to a project using the ‘Donate’ section of the website. Donations can be made using a credit / debit card (using Paypal) or using the Direct Debit scheme (with GoCardless). For smaller projects, these donations go into the Springboard bank account, where they are kept in a ringfenced fund. Organisations with their own bank accounts can have the donations paid direct into their account.


2. Donation Type

Donations can be made on a ‘one-off’ basis (where someone chooses how much money to donate just the once) or on a ‘monthly’ basis (where someone sets up a Direct Debit to pay their chosen amount at around the same date each month until it is cancelled).


3. Fees

Our providers (PayPal and GoCardless) charge fees for processing donations. Springboard charges nothing, so the remainder of the donation after the fees goes to the project. The fees are taken out automatically and we aim to tell donors as much information as possible about the fees.