We want to help get ideas started, but because our focus is on building communities, we only help with ideas that have social benefit. We don’t define the benefit, but it can be things like creating new communities, strengthening communities, helping others, reducing social isolation, investing in people. We look to set up projects that exist for more than just making money.

Below are some areas we can help with. We are looking to resource your idea, to help you jump in and get going. We recognise that these ideas will be of all shapes and sizes – so we are happy to offer help in as many or as few areas as you like.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not offer professional help or advice. We can help put you in touch with people who offer paid-for professional advice. Our intention is not to offer advice like legal or financial, or to replace services offered professionally. What we offer is support and help, but you should always consider getting professional advice where it is needed.

Any Size

Any Size

We want to help get your idea going, no matter what the size. We can help with ideas big or small. We are happy to help whether you idea comes under the umbrella of Springboard as one of our ‘projects’, or whether we just help to get you going.


People can donate to any supported project using the ‘Donate’ section of the Springboard website. One-off donations and regular monthly donations can be accepted, with the Direct Debit scheme being used for monthly donations.

Grant Applications / Funding

If you are planning to access grants to help fund your idea, we can help in two ways: we can share grant opportunities with Springboard projects (we are members of NCVO and so can search for grants); and we can help with the paperwork needed for a grant application.

We like to make ideas sustainable, so for small groups we can also offer the use of our bank account and give you a dedicated fund.



We can offer cheap websites for supported projects. We offer packages that include a host of features (e.g. email, databases, backups), and the webspace is suitable for common software like WordPress.

Online Shop

Sell merchandise, vouchers, downloads and promotional material through the Springboard e-commerce shop.

DBS Checks

For small groups that are Springboard projects, we can process DBS checks under our safeguarding policy.

Any Size

Policy Templates

We have a range of policies and procedures that are used in existing projects, as well as a range of ready-made templates.


We can offer discounts on printed material for items like business cards, flyers, leaflets, invites, posters and postcards. We can advertise your events on our website, and you can sell tickets for your events through us. We have an online text message interface that allows you to purchase texts and send messages using the internet.

Knowledge Base

Our projects have access to an online knowledge base that has articles, file galleries, document management and collaboration tools.