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Need to raise some money?
We can help you apply for grants and raise donations using our online donation platform.



Ideas and new organisations often need money to get the idea started or to grow the idea. We can help.

We can help you draw up a list of potential grant funders. We have access to online databases of funders and we can search for funders that might match your requirements. We look to meet or talk with you first to establish what you do and then we can draw up a list of grants that you can apply for.

Note that any potential grants will depend on your legal structure. If you are suitable for grants, we will help you get started with 2 x 1hour sessions where we will explain how to go about things.

We can also give approved Springboard projects access to our online donation platform. This allows people to donate to your project via our website. We do not charge for this service, so your project gets all the money from the donations after fees have been taken off. If you’re interested in becoming a project, or want to know more about how to fundraise for your project, get in touch.

We can help you raise the money you need to get your idea up and running, but we offer no guarantees! See below for our full offer.

Our fundraising offer

Getting Grants – Free

We can check to see if you’re able to receive grants from an organisational point of view. We can check your setup to make sure that you are likely to be eligible for grants or not.

If you need to create a charity or Community Interest Company, we can help with that as well. If you have an idea for a smaller community group, we may be able to offer the use of our resources to help you run your group.

We can also inform you of the paperwork and information that you are likely to need to apply for grants – such as neededing bank statement.

Grant Finding – Free

Usually, we like to get an idea of what you do so that we can find suitable grants. We prefer to target which grants to apply for rather than just applying for loads.

We then give you a list of grants that we think may be suitable for you and your idea. We have access to several sources that help with finding grant opportunities. We offer this service for a one-off time only – if you’re interested in getting info about more grants over time, you’ll need to sign up for our update service.

Update Service – £10/year (including VAT)

This service enables you to keep up-to-date with all the ltest grant opportunities. We take the legwork out of finding out about new grants by sending emails direct to your inbox (you can cancel at any time).

Donation Platform – Free

Springboard projects can use our online donation platform for free – and get donations from the public with no effort. You too can have a dedicated page that you can link to (like

The public can donate using credit or debit cards, PayPal or Direct Debit. Donations can be one-off or set up as repeating, for example so that people can give the same amount each month.

Full Grant Support Service – £15/hour including VAT

For organisations that want to take the hassle out of coming up with answers to questions, we offer a service where we can support you with language, suggestions and ideas. We can do everything from helping with one question through to large bids.

Fundraising Strategy – £100 including VAT

We can produce a full fundraising strategy document for your organisation. This includes language you can use for grants, ideas and suggestions for maximising income (like social media), help with gathering stories you can use and strategies for keeping your users and donors engaged with your idea.